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These are free to use and their source code is available on request.
When you hang your mouse over the links, the requirements for that game should be displayed. To find out what your browser is capable of, click here. Small warning.

2D games


Snakes and Ladders

Teleportation Maze

Deep Sea Destruction


Test your memory

How many numbers do you want to try:
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Wheel of fortune


Fly Catcher

F3 Time Trial



3D games

These games require a FAST browser. The important thing is for the browser to be able to redraw the screen quickly. The best browser for this (by far) is Internet Explorer. Netscape 6+ and Mozilla 0.9+ are also fairly good but sometimes take a while to respond to commands. Opera cannot cope very well and tends to stall. Netscape 4 is a bit jerky and you can see it redrawing which can be distracting. These games provide an option to reduce the amount of redrawing required for browsers like Netscape 4.

3D Racing

3D Helicopter



Syntax Highlighter

Text2String Converter

Variable Validator

Some fun with CDs - worth a look
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